We’re so pleased that you are interested in becoming a member of the Baby Bank Alliance. If you haven’t already, please make sure you’ve read our advice about preparing to sign up, you’ve read the Charter, and that you have authority to sign your baby bank up to membership of the Alliance (if you are a charity this will mean you will need permission from your trustees).

Please fill in the form as fully as possible. If you don’t have the required policies in place yet please select ‘not yet’ from the drop down menu, and our Community Leads will be in touch to support you with this. If you don’t currently collect information about your the number of families and/or children that you support please enter ‘we do not collect this information’ and we can be in touch to discuss ways to support you with this.

  • Baby Bank details

  • name of the Baby Bank, not a person’s name
  • pick any day in the relevant month from the calendar
  • Lead contact details

  • Address

    of main site, if you have multiple sites
  • Information about your Baby Bank

  • if you do not collect this information, leave blank
  • if you do not collect this information leave blank
  • indicate number and FTE
  • Declarations

  • Digital signature

  • your full name