What is a baby bank?

Baby banks create a sustainable way for children’s items, loved but no longer needed, to be re-used: reducing waste and helping to build a more sustainable planet.

There are over 300 baby banks in the UK, often run by volunteers, which help hundreds of thousands of children a year.

Many baby banks provide a community space for building connections and finding support.

Baby banks vary in size and approach.

Some baby banks have families referred to them by professionals (eg health visitors, social workers) and prepare goods for the professionals to then pass on to those families. 

Other baby banks accept self-referrals from families. 

Many baby banks operate a hybrid model, taking referrals from both professionals and families directly. 

Where baby banks meet families, they provide support beyond the physical items too: providing a space to connect with other families in the community, checking on emotional well being and signposting additional help which might be available.

Some baby banks support children from birth to the age of 5, while others support children up to the age of 16.

Baby banks are largely independent from one another. Please check our map to find out more about your local baby bank.