Founding Partners

The Baby Bank Alliance is founded by Save the Children, Purposeful VenturesBaby Bank Network Bristol, and Little Village. We have representatives from additional baby banks sitting on our Board and in our Advisory Group. We consult regularly with the baby bank community, to ensure we are providing the right support, where it is needed.

Our board

Sophie Livingstone

CEO, Little Village

Dan Paskins

Board member
Director UK Impact,
Save the Children UK

Rosanna James

Board member
Chair, Baby Bank Network Bristol

Tom O’Beirne

Board member
Director, Purposeful Ventures

Danielle Flecher-Horn

Board Member
Founder, AberNecessities

Marianne Harris-Bridge

Board Member

Our team

Hannah Pentith

Executive Lead

Liora Wulf

Strategy and Operations Lead

Emilie De Bruijn

Senior Community Lead

Katherine Earnshaw

Marketing and Communications

Mohammad Abutalha

Project Officer