Our charter

Baby Bank Alliance membership is open to any independent baby bank who is inspired by learning, sharing, and building a supportive community of hundreds of other baby banks across the UK.

Our members will be vital in shaping the Alliance and helping to provide a quality network of support to other baby banks and the families they support.

This Charter sets out how the Alliance will be run, why membership will be useful to your baby bank and what we ask of you as our members. By signing up to this Charter your baby bank is agreeing to how the Alliance will be run (our operating principles) and committing to what will be required of you as a member.

Operating principles of the Baby Bank Alliance

These principles underpin the work of the Baby Bank Alliance as it is now. We expect these to evolve as we develop and will be working with our Advisory Group to refine these principles over the coming months.


The Alliance has been created by and for baby banks. We are always learning, and our approach is shaped by the real-life experiences of baby banks across the country. We are committed to supporting and listening to each other in an inclusive and generous way.


The Alliance supports baby banks of all kinds and of all sizes, across the UK. The values of diversity, equity and inclusion are central to our operations.


We believe that the Alliance has the potential to make significant change for baby banks and the families they support. We aim high and focus on finding great partners and seeking out benefits for our members.


We aim to create a community of peer support across baby banks, listening to and guided by the needs of the local communities and families that baby banks serve.


Our work supports the green economy, balancing sustainability, and ethics with practical support for families on low incomes.

Benefits of Baby Bank Alliance membership:

In our first year we will be testing a range of member offers and benefits, with more being introduced as we grow.

  • Improve the effectiveness of your baby bank by accessing our policy library, exclusive sharing and learning sessions, free training and mentoring programmes
  • Access funding and products for your baby bank via our Development Fund and national partnerships
  • Raise the profile of your baby bank and the baby bank community through national media campaigns and advocacy
  • Get access to national data about the impact of baby banks, and help visualise your impact
  • Shape the activities of the Baby Bank Alliance through becoming a trustee or joining our Advisory Board

Note that we will always aim to be equitable in sharing member opportunities, prioritising smaller baby banks at times who might struggle to access opportunities elsewhere.

What do we ask of our members?

Agree with the operating principles of the Alliance set out in this Charter

Confirm that your baby bank has the following policies in place, or will work towards meeting them within 3 months of membership:

If you are not a registered charity or CIC you will also need to confirm that you have a written constitution or governing document stating your aims, objects and methods of working.

Commit to sending us information about your baby bank annually (with our support) including:

  • The number of families and/or children you support.
  • Some details about the amount and types of clothing and supplies you distribute.

Note: if you don’t currently capture this information that is not a barrier to joining the Alliance – we can work with you to help you do this in a way that works for your baby bank.

Participate, contribute to and shape the Alliance

  • Attend and participate in relevant opportunities and groups available.
  • Feed in views from the children and families you work with.
  • Share and disseminate the work of the Alliance via your networks.

Note: if you don’t currently capture this information that is not a barrier to joining the Alliance – we can work with you to help you do this in a way that works for your baby bank.

We’re so excited to create this Alliance with you and look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.

If you’d like to discuss anything in the charter please drop us an email at info@babybankalliance.org.